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Our Latest ERO Report

The Education Review Office (ERO) is the government department that evaluates and reports on the education and care of students in schools and early childhood services. The purpose of ERO's reviews is to give parents and the wider school community assurance about the quality of education that schools provide and their children receive.

 2016 Education Review Office (ERO) Report

The Education Review Office (ERO) undertook a review of our school last term.  We were very pleased to see their review process supported ours, acknowledging our school’s strengths and commitment for our children to become "Confident, well-rounded, active learners who will be respectful and responsible citizens”.


ERO found that the school’s strategic goals focus on building consistently high quality learning.  This occurs through an intensive, coherent, school-wide approach to improvement, particularly for those children whose  progress needs to be accelerated.   They also found that the school’s curriculum and culture very effectively   enact the vision, values, goals and aims for equity and excellence.  They also stated that the principal is leading and developing a collaborative and progressive learning community, and that her approach to all aspects of school operations is systematic, and in line with the school’s visions, values, goals and priorities.


As a result of this recognition the school has once again been placed on a 4-5 year review cycle (the majority of schools come into the three year review cycle).  This is a great outcome for our school and recognises the great teaching and learning that is going on at our school and the effective Leadership and Governance of the School.


ERO also reported that:

· The school’s assessment data over the last four years shows very positive trends in student achievement.  The proportions of children at or above the National Standard is increasing.

· The school has worked strategically towards developing children as ‘active learners’.  Children have a high level of control over what and how they learn.  They know about their progress and next learning steps. 

· The board generously funds programmes to help raise the achievement of students overall as well as those who need extra help with their learning.

· The inclusion of programmes such as kapa haka and Ako Maori provides opportunities for Maori children in particular to engage and excel.

· The principal and teachers are very aware of the importance of having strong  partnerships with whanau and the community to support raising student achievement.

· The school has also put major funding and infrastructure in place to increase the use of digital technologies to further support children’s achievement and progress.

· Leaders and teachers are well placed to achieve and sustain equitable and excellent outcomes for all children.


We are very proud of our learning community and the work that is carried out to achieve very successful outcomes for our children.  The support of parents and board members, our great children and staff have all contributed to this extremely successful review.


Please click here to view our latest ERO report