Milton Primary School - Respect, Responsibility, Confidence

School Curriculum

 Milton Primary School is a place that is focused on its core purpose of learning. Every decision that we make is to ensure that our school provides meaningful learning experiences for each and every one of our learners, and that their learning needs are met.

Our staff collaborate to ensure that our school vision becomes a reality for our learners. Our learning environments are modern and are well resourced with the latest digital technologies.

Our school is warm and welcoming of others and the children enjoy positive relationships with their peers and teachers.  


Our school curriculum embraces the essence and spirit of the New Zealand Curriculum.

‘Curriculum’ is defined as all of the programmes, activities, events and experiences that take place in the school, including the interactions, materials and environment through which children learn. It is to be expected that there will be times when there is discrepancy between the planned or ‘intended’ curriculum and the ‘actual’ curriculum, depending on opportunities and circumstances that arise from time to time.

The New Zealand Curriculum is a framework that provides guidance for schools in the design, development and review of their school-based curriculum. It puts children at the centre of the learning process and places an emphasis on the development of the key competencies and social values.