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The Arts 

The Arts are:

Powerful forms of expression that recognise, value, and contribute to the unique bicultural and multicultural character of Aotearoa New Zealand, enriching the lives of all New Zealanders. (NZC pg 20)


Our Beliefs about The Arts:

In The Arts our children will develop and communicate a range of skills and creative works through movement, sound and image.

Dance is expressive movement that has intent, purpose and form.  Children integrate thinking, moving, and feeling.

Drama expresses human experience through a focus on role, action, and tension, played out in time and space.

Music is sound from natural, acoustic, and digital environments is the source material for expressive ideas in music.

Visual Art is through engaging in the visual arts, children learn how to discern, participate in, and celebrate their own and others’ visual worlds.


The Arts Programme

  • Our Arts curriculum reflects the school values and the principles, key competencies, knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the New Zealand Curriculum.
  • At least two visiting professional  performance groups are invited to the school each year to support and enhance the arts programme and provide a wide range of models who have high artistic standards
  • Learning within each arts discipline is approached through the four interrelated learning strands. ( Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Art). The children’s ideas are generated and refined through cycles of action and reflection. By building and revisiting learning from previous levels, art programmes in each discipline provide progressions of learning opportunities in all four strands. This spiral process ensures that students’ learning is relevant, in-depth and meaningful.
  • Programmes will build on students’ learning strengths and particular needs
  • Provide programmes that reflect, through Maori contexts, the bi-cultural character of New Zealand
  • Provide programmes that reflect the multicultural nature of New Zealand society, and acknowledge the artistic and cultural contributions of different ethnic groups
  • Use teaching approaches that provide learning opportunities for all students to experience individual and group activities in the arts.
  • Integrate, where appropriate, the arts with other essential learning areas in order to enhance and extend learning experiences.


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