Milton Primary School - Respect, Responsibility, Confidence

Individual Strengths Programmes

·        Learners identified as requiring additional support or extension are catered for through a variety of learning support programmes and opportunities. 

·        We will also focus on broadening children’s depth and variety of experiences, and supporting them to become well-rounded individuals.

·        Children with individual strengths will have their progress tracked over time

·        Opportunities we offer to support children with strengths include:

o   On-going extension within enrichment opportunities

o   Pukeko Pals:  withdrawal programme to cover groups of children for areas identified by need for the school at any one time

o   Cross groupings: maths, writing etc

o   Differentiated curriculum:  teachers acknowledging at the planning stage materials or activities that would only be suitable for those identified as gifted or talented - if everyone can do it then it is not catering for the exceptional

o   External opportunities:  ICAS, dual enrolment with the Correspondence school, accessing experts in the wider community