Milton Primary School - Respect, Responsibility, Confidence


Our Vision for English:  children will be competent and confident literacy learners and able to access the wider curriculum and be active learners

English is:

The study, use and enjoyment of the English language and its literature, communicated orally, visually, and in writing, for a range of purposes and audiences and in a variety of text forms.  It is the natural connection that exists between learning areas, and also links learning areas to the values and key competencies 


Our Beliefs about English:

·        We believe that English is a core curriculum area that is an integral part of all teaching and learning programmes.  It is fundamental to accessing and succeeding across all other learning areas.

·        That effective implementation of English is structured around the two interconnected strands, the underpinning processes and strategies, and incorporate the dimensions of effective literacy practice


Effective Teaching in English will:

·        Involve making meaning and creating meaning using oral, written, and visual language

·        Reflect the principles, key competencies, knowledge, skills, attitudes and values of the New Zealand Curriculum

·        Be the same across all classes with tasks becoming increasingly complex


School and Community Goals for English: 

·        English will be at the heart of all learning

·        To become increasingly skilled at reading, writing, listening, speaking, presenting, and viewing

·        Children will be supported to develop a love of reading, writing, and communicating


School Library

The purpose of our school library is that children realise its importance as a resource centre to support their own learning, and that it is a place to enjoy recreational reading.  Our library is the heart of our school.  It is a space that  is free for learners to gather and relax and where we strive to grow our reading culture.