Milton Primary School - Respect, Responsibility, Confidence


Our Vision for Mathematics and Statistics:  children will be numerate and able to explore and use patterns and relationships


Our Beliefs about Mathematics and Statistics:


We believe that through their learning in Mathematics and Statistics children will develop knowledge, strategic thinking skills and attitudes that will enable them to explore mathematical ideas with curiosity, confidence and enjoyment, to operate competently in everyday life and which will serve as a foundation for future learning.


Effective Teaching in Mathematics and Statistics will:

·        Encourage reflective thought and action ·        Facilitate shared learning

·        Make connections with prior knowledge

·        Provide sufficient opportunities to learn

·        Enhance the relevance of new learning

·        Teach as inquiry


School and Community Goals for Mathematics and Statistics:

·        Children to develop a positive attitude towards mathematics

·        Understand that we need mathematical knowledge and strategies for everyday living

·        Develop knowledge and strategies to operate across the mathematics strands

·        Know and recall basic facts

·        Develop problem solving strategies

·        Estimate and self-check with growing skills and confidence

·        Develop the skills to be proficient in speed, accuracy, and calculation

·        Develop communication skills to present mathematical ideas clearly and accurately